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​Lessons from an Eagle

What is in the character of an Eagle? Like an Eagle, our organization is distinguished in its collaborative abilities, focus functionality, and reach. Like Eagles, we are visionary, having keen ability to foresee conditions before they are fully realized. Similar to an Eagle that uses the uplift of tumultuous storms, we embrace difficult predicaments as models to inspire change. The catalog of our best practices include: streamlining processes for autonomy, protection, and privacy like Eagles who build the deepest and largest nests in the highest crags unlike any other bird on Earth.

We are not afraid to be different like Eagles, our organization is naturally distinct from others in practical aspects. We exercise strict protocols when choosing life-long partnerships, shared duties and incorporate teachable moments to build a strong foundation. Like an Eagle, we execute plans with precision, swooping like a missile to pursue our targets. As Eagles, we are motivated to reach extreme heights and carry twice our weight to meet the needs of our families with unwavering perseverance. And like an Eagle, we soar displaying strength, authority, and diverse skill sets.

Eagles only soar with other Eagles!

Our Vision

To provide residential care and services which promote healing, restoration, and a feeling of safety to human trafficking survivors in Texas.

Our Mission

To facilitate the transition process from existing victim to thriving survivor, Stop 2 Heal is orchestrating a streamlined process of individualized programs and services that promote holistic health and wellness. 

Our Goals

  • Promoting a culture of growth, strength, and independence. 

  • Employing client driven case management to encourage individualized recovery.

  • Seeking innovative ways to generate client resources that lead to self-sufficiency.

  • Engaging individual motivation to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, environmentally, and nutritionally.

Acknowledgement from the Director:

"What does rehabilitation look like for survivors who were formerly captives in the loop of human sex trafficking? As the founder of Stop 2 Heal, rehab looks like the recuperative genesis of hope, the gift of an organic space for inspiring mentorship. My research found the degree of 'victim' to be proportionate to the magnitude of the unmet need. Therefore, addressing the unmet need has become unequivocally my driving force and remains my highest priority. The executive board and I are planning to institute 'wound–care' programs through actions that model restoration after imprisonment, addiction, and associated sex-related trauma. Essentially, unmet needs are metaphorically like unattended wounds that fester over time in the absence of proper care. Additionally, my research discovered internalized neglect is the catalyst that perpetuates the coined phrase 'hurting people, hurt others.' To disrupt this unhealthy mentality, we are creating a portal to connect wounded people with health-conscious choices. We embrace several holistic activities from implementing empirical evidence-based therapies to ecological discoveries. Rehabilitation is a lifestyle, not an event. We exist to help in the process of overcoming tough life experiences while creating empowered individuals. At some point in our lives, we experience seemingly unconquerable stumbling blocks, but we need to be reminded these hurts do not define our identity."

Kimberly Cannon, Director

[email protected]

Acknowledgement of Staff:

I would like to thank the creative efforts of Gwendolyn Barrs and Rashena Jackson. As partners of the Stop 2 Heal family, they exhausted every available resource to ensure the content and design of this website were completed with a spirit of excellence. The thoughtfulness and encouragement of Gwendolyn was extraordinarily instrumental in solidifying the development of the strong foundation of Stop 2 Heal. I will always be grateful for the meticulous attention to detail. As Stop 2 Heal evolves,  Rashena's commitment and active participation continues to support its mission, outreach and program sustainability.  

Thanks to all of the agencies, organizations, businesses, and volunteers as philanthropists in support of the global effort to do all that we can to support human rights and the dignity of humanity.

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