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Your gift(s) will provide ongoing residential care, therapeutic trauma-counseling and other services for the survivors of human trafficking.


Help Us Build from the Ground Up! 

We are in the development stage of creating a residential treatment and outreach center for individuals who have exited the trauma of human sex trafficking. We invite you to stand with us on the ground floor of this exciting and much needed facility. We are seeking sponsorship through community alliances and individual partnerships. 

Whether you give monthly, quarterly, or give a one-time custom amount, every dollar will go into the execution of a safe and comfortable environment for our future residents. No gift is too small!

Thank you for your support and generosity!


It is not about how much time you provide, but the impact you can make with your skills, expertise and passion. Your talents can make a significant difference in the life of another person. Individuals may volunteer in the following areas:

  • Technology and Website 
  • Advisory Committee
  • Advocacy
  • Fundraising and Donation Drives
  • Special Events and Life Skills
  • Physical Projects 
  • Outreach and Community Education
  • Resource Development
  • Special Projects for Landscaping
  • Mentoring Survivors in Developing Academic Skills
  • Office and Administrative Assistance
  • Gardening, Hydroponic, and Horticulture Activities
  • Animal Care
  • Bible Study, Devotional, and Praying for the Residents of the Center


Once the form is downloaded and filled out please attach and send to [email protected]


Individuals exiting prostitution, sex trade, and/or the tremendous hardships of being sex trafficked have absolutely nothing except the clothes they are wearing. Your contributions and gifts can make a difference in the lives of this severely under-served population, who will need everything to re-establish their life in the community.  Preferred items include: 

  • New Clothing of all Sizes, New Shoes (suitable for all seasons)
  • Personal Hygiene Items and Supplies 
  • New Twin Size Mattresses and Bedding Items (bed comforters, bed sheets, new pillows, mattress cover protectors, blankets, quilts,  throw-rugs, clothing hangers, sets of towels)
  • Bedroom Décor (desks, table lamps, dressers or chests of drawers)
  • Commercial Kitchen Appliances and Supplies (flatware, drinking glasses, tumblers, dinnerware sets, pots and pans, coffee makers, iron, ironing board, brooms, kitchen towels)
  • Sofas, Recliners, Televisions, TV Stand 
  • Gardening Supplies (rakes, shovels, gloves, seeds, seedlings, potting soil, fertilizer, watering cans, hoses)
  • Electronic Equipment 
  • Office Supplies (copier paper, file folders, batteries, toner)
  • Arts and Crafts Supplies
  • Gym equipment and floor mats

  • Gift cards (of any amount from HEB, Walmart, Target, Amazon, SAMs, Costco, department stores eg. Macy's, JC Penney's, Dillard's)

"A Kind Gesture Can Reach a Wound 

          that Only Compassion Can Heal."   Steve Marabolic


Every professional service gifted is a cost-effective measure that expands the collaborative effort that widens the impact of service delivery. Pro-bono Services can be utilized in the following areas:

  • Attorneys (to provide legal services: immigration, repatriation and citizenship, criminal cases expungement, family reunification, and other legal services)
  • Social Workers (to assist with making referrals to community resources and services)
  • Nurses (consultative and general health care information) 
  • Mental Health and Behaviorist (to facilitate trauma-focus group interactions and group discussions)
  • Dentists and Dental Hygienists (to provide consultations, care, and treatment)
  • Ministers and Clergies (to provide spiritual counseling and bible studies)
  • Educators (to help with literacy)
  • Artists and Crafters (to facilitate creative outlets and develop new skill sets)

Interested in becoming a Stop 2 Heal Residential Treatment and Outreach Center Partner, Sponsor, Benefactor and/or Volunteer?

 Please reach out to us.